Prescott Holdings, LLC is a globally-focused group of investment and financial service entities that undertake property investment, asset management and investment banking activities.  Prescott is active throughout the U.S. and internationally and invests in multiple types of commercial property assets.  It is a fully integrated real estate operator and asset manager and its capital partners include a broad range of U.S. and international investors, both institutional and private.

Prescott’s initial investment and financial advisory entities were organized in 1987.  Many of its legacy activities are conducted through The Prescott Group, LLC.  Today, Prescott’s primary operating entities include Prescott Investment Management, LLC and Prescott Capital, LLC.


Prescott Investment Management acts as a principal in developing and executing investment strategies.  It acquires assets including properties, portfolios, investment vehicles and operating entities; develops strategies to enhance value; and provides comprehensive asset management services for its investments.


Prescott Capital is the firm’s investment banking unit.  Acting as an advisor and financial intermediary, it provides strategic real estate and financial consulting services; advises on the creation and implementation of real estate investment programs; and secures capital for both assets and operating entities.

While Prescott’s investment activities are focused primarily on assets in North America, including the U.S., Mexico and Canada, both its investor base and its work as an advisor and financial intermediary are global in scope.